Zoom-Session This category contains the questions that were raised during the ENTC/BME Introductory Session
Topic Replies Activity
Working Overseas 3 October 15, 2020
Job Opportunities in BME 6 October 16, 2020
A career related to Mathematics 6 October 15, 2020
About the workload 5 October 16, 2020
Do we do Computational Neuroscience work at BME 2 October 18, 2020
Higher Studies opportunities 2 October 15, 2020
PhD opportunities 3 October 15, 2020
Biomedical Degree in ENTC Department 5 October 16, 2020
Biomedical engineering in ENTC 3 October 15, 2020
Researches related to biomedical engineering 3 October 16, 2020
What's the difference between ENTC & ICE stream in CSE 4 October 18, 2020
Do we have to go to Medical faculties in order for the practicals in Bio modules 2 October 17, 2020
Modules related to career paths 3 October 15, 2020
Opportunities for bionics 2 October 15, 2020
Can we do jobs in electronic and software after completing the biomedical degree program 2 October 17, 2020
Is Workload at ENTC is harder than CSE? 2 October 18, 2020
Are there any collaborations with medical faculties in biomedical engineering 4 October 19, 2020
Do we have to study real analysis in Entc department 🙄 3 October 18, 2020
Is it true that many people who does biomedical engineering is doing tronic jobs? (In sri lanka) as in there are less jobs in bm eng. In sri lanka 2 October 17, 2020
Do we need a proper knowledge about computer languages to come to BME 3 October 18, 2020
Some says that BME students have only Electronic and Software Engineering jobs in Sri Lanka and they say there are no BM jobs! Is that True? 2 October 17, 2020
Recording of last ENTC introduction zoom session 3 October 22, 2020
Can we get Government related jobs in entc and bm 2 October 18, 2020
Modules at ENTC 2 October 15, 2020
Up to how much rank we can get it into entc or bm roughly 2 October 17, 2020
Does BME degree have IESL approval? Is it important for job field? 2 October 17, 2020
Do we need to knw c c++ before coming to entc 2 October 18, 2020
Do we need to have a thorough knowledge on programming languages like c,c++ before joining entc 2 October 18, 2020
Difference between bm engineer and a biostactician? 2 October 17, 2020
What are the opportunities available for someone who is interested on Hardware Design? 2 October 15, 2020
Why come to entc if we like to do software 2 October 17, 2020
Do we need to have good understanding in Real Analysis to continue studies at ENTC? 2 October 17, 2020
What is the average salary we can get by following entc 2 October 17, 2020
What should we know before coming to dept? 2 October 18, 2020
How can we go into the industry after pursuing higher studies? (Like Dr. Sankalpa, working as the Head of Engineering in Zone24x7) 2 October 18, 2020
How abt the exams are they hard cuz top students are cmng here is it hard to maintain GpA 2 October 17, 2020
Clubs sports weda karaganna puluwanda awlak nethuwa? academic walatama hira wenna weida awoth 2 October 17, 2020
I heard that we have to select a field at the semester 4. After we graduate, do we have to do jobs only related that field?(without doing any additional degrees 2 October 17, 2020
Some of us have this problem, it is said that after we go to the industrial side we won't be able to do a job related to electronic 2 October 17, 2020
Should we have a good knowledge of biology before coming to bio medical department...? 2 October 17, 2020
Is it true that many who follwed entc engineering is doing cse jobs? If so what is the difference in the industry between entc and cse engineer whn do a cs job 2 October 17, 2020
Do i have to go to hospitals for bm interships 2 October 17, 2020
What’s the best department to pursue in aeronautics or mechtronics, ENTC dept. or mechanical dept 2 October 17, 2020
Can we go for research based interships in bme 2 October 17, 2020
Is it true that entc department have lectures past 6 pm 2 October 17, 2020
How many hardware projects do we have in each semesters 2 October 17, 2020
Do entc provide sufficient modules for mechtronics or mechanical dept provide sufficient modules? 2 October 17, 2020
What is the workload in BME 2 October 17, 2020
What's the difference between ENTC dept and ICE in CS dept.? 1 October 17, 2020
Now a days IoT becomes popular and valuable. If I choose my career with IoT can I get job opportunities in Sri Lanka 1 October 17, 2020