Benefits of having a "[email protected]" email address πŸ˜‰

Hi !

In this short post, I will list some free stuff you can get while you are an undergraduate.
(feel free to expand the list by adding stuff you know)

Specially cloud tools have been helpful for me to have a dedicated server to run Jupyter Notebook instances (useful when working with a team on notebooks)

All the above offers are given free for our university email address.


Forgot to mention, Google Colab is free !

Colaboratory, or β€œColab” for short, is a product from Google Research. Colab allows anybody to write and execute arbitrary python code through the browser, and is especially well suited to machine learning, data analysis and education. More technically, Colab is a hosted Jupyter notebook service that requires no setup to use, while providing free access to computing resources including GPUs.

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Also and can use your educational purposes.

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Thanks for sharing that ayye! It seems like data charge won’t be incurred for those

Great post Ramith!. A small thing to add to the list. We also receive 1TB storage on Onedrive for the uom email. I use it to store all the academic folders and personal stuff.

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Oohh Nice! I’ll update the list :smiley:

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