Checking Plagiarism using Turnitin via Moodle

Hello Everyone :raising_hand_man:, I thought of posting this in the forum because a lot of students seem to be unaware of this :free: facility in Moodle which is very useful for university students when submitting reports, papers, assignments, etc :date:

You can have a detailed report about your document including Similarity percentage :x:, Plagiarized sentences and paragraphs :boom:,sources you have copied from:scroll:, Grammar errors:interrobang: and some other suggestions to improve your document.

Follow these steps.

  1. First you must log into Moodle. Then go to Site home:house:.

  2. Check whether you have a link as “Check you plagiarism reports by your selfURL” under Learner Resources.


  1. If yes, then click it and go to step 7. :arrow_double_down:

  2. If not, you have to enroll for that course.(Even though it is not a course, you have to enroll for this purpose).

  3. Scroll down down to Library and click it.

  4. You will see something like this. And click it and enroll.


  1. Then here, click “Plagiarism Report (Month)”.


  1. Then you’ll see this page.


i.By clicking on submit paper you can submit your document which is to be checked for plagiarism.
ii.From similarity column you can see the similarity percentage of your last submitted paper.
iii.By clicking on Submission title you can get detailed report.

  1. When the submission title is clicked, you will see this. (Plagiarism checking process might take some time. So you would need to wait about five minutes to see the results)


Here you have all the information you want.

  • Overall similarity is shown in the top right corner. :white_check_mark:

  • All Sources you have used are listed after that with different colours. :white_check_mark:

  • The copied sentences, paragraphs are highlighted on document with respective colour according to the source. :white_check_mark:

  • Another useful feature is that this shows your grammar mistakes. This is an extra benefit of using Turnitin.:white_check_mark:

  • You can download a detailed report including all details from this page by clicking download icon. :arrow_down:

Hope you will find this useful when submitting your papers, assignments and other reports.
Good luck! :smiley: :raising_hand_man:

–Chathura Jayasankha