Electronic component suppliers and how to select a component from them

As we can not find the components required to our projects from the local market as the local market is mainly targetting electronic repairs in Sri Lanka we need to look into suppliers around the world,The leading ones are,






It is so important to choose from which site you should import components, As each has its own pros and cons.

As an example, all the above-mentioned sites except the https://lcsc.com/ has a huge variety of cutting edge technology, yet the orders from them are subjected to higher shipping charges and import duty. So we need to choose the suppliers according to the need.

Another important thing is when order is using the selective criteria of the site effectively, as for some components ( passive ) we might not be able to search using exact model numbers. So first we search or select the appropreate catogory from suppliers web site and,

As shown in the above photos, We can use the options given in the site to choose our component according to the specifications required. This searching tecnique is really helpful when developing a design from stretch.

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