How to open powerpoint presentation with audio files on a mac (Codec unavailable error)

Some of y’all might have encountered a problem playing back the audio on powerpoint presentations (Accounting module)

[update: See the reply to this post]

After a little bit of search I found a solution to overcome this issue.

Steps to listen to audio files,

  1. Save a copy of the PowerPoint presentation.

  2. Change file extension from .pptx to .zip on the copy

  3. Open zip file with Stuffit Expander not Archive Utility. Click Choose.

  4. You will see an unzipped folder. Select the ppt subfolder.

  5. Open the media subfolder. Audio files should be there,

Then you can view these recordings (You will need a player like VLC or IINA (this is nicer))

As @Deepana Suggested, there’s a much simpler way to listen to the audio…

Just drag and drop the power point to vlc :smiley:

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