Introducing ENTC Graduate Application Assistance Program (GAAP)!

Applying to graduate schools can be a daunting task. Each year thousands of students apply for graduate schools in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Since the quality and numbers of these applicants are increasing in an exponential rate, getting selected to your dream graduate school would be highly competitive. The motivation of ENTC GAAP is to equip you with some useful tips and guidelines that would help you develop a profile that would make your application competitive.

A lot ENTC graduates have studied and are studying in top ranked graduate schools such as MIT, Cornell, UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, Purdue, Brown, UC San Diego, EPFL, etc. This fact confirms that ENTC graduates are world-class, and we believe that you, as a future ENTC graduate, would also stand a great chance to land your dream graduate school to pursue your higher studies!

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding a number of posts outlining the important steps of graduate school applications.