Model and simulate using PLECS


This is a small article introducing PLECS for electronics enthusiasts!

PLECS( Piecewise Linear Electrical Circuit Simulation) is a software package for modeling and high-speed simulations of power electronic systems. It is specifically designed for engineers developing power electronics applications in a commercial environment.

Two versions available:

1.PLECS Standalone

  • This is an autonomous software package.
  • Used for modeling and simulation of power electronic systems, complex electrical circuits, and sophisticated controls.

2.PLECS Blockset

  • This is a power electronic toolbox for Matlab.
  • Allows combined simulations of electrical circuits modeled in PLECS with controls modeled in Simulink.

Getting started

  1. You can download PLECS and get more details including the PLECS manual, tutorial videos using the link given below.

PLECS Standalone version looks like Simulink. But it does not need Matlab to run.

  1. Open the software and have a new model. This will bring up two windows: Library Browser (LB) and a Model Window (MW).

Library Browser

  • Includes components needed for building the model.
  • This can be opened or closed without interrupting the simulation.
    (Select Window->Library Browser press Crtl+l)

Model Window

  • Multiple models can be simulated simultaneously.
  • Library Browser window will be the same for all models.

Get started with your first model!

Comprehensive tutorials are available at

Good Luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


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