Some tips to organize Teamwork ! 🎳

During our journey in University, we do many many projects as a team.
From lab projects to participating in competitions, robotics groups we have different sorts of teams.

In these occasions Whatsapp💬 is not the best way to manage all the content/knowledge across the team. (it becomes really hard to manage all the links, articles we share in the group)

Personally me and my team found Microsoft Teams and Github very helpful (we already have a subscription from university for microsoft teams, so it’s free)

It becomes important to have certain threads/channels to organize our work (screenshots below will give you an idea) - we didn’t need to scroll through all WhatsApp threads to search for our early findings.

If we can practice this for major projects, our thinking process will be somewhat streamlined. (Feel free to share your ideas on this as well)

Having this tools alone will not make any use if you don’t have tasks segregated among your team members. Each member should be responsible for some aspect of work. Otherwise it becomes bit messy, not meeting the required outcomes.

Here I just shared my experience, I’m also yet to learn many things too.
Your insights will be valuable as well !

I will list some Repos we managed below,

PS: There are other tools as well - Slack, Discord (Discord was fun)